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Mission and Vision
The main focus and vision of Pinecrest Creek Academy is to provide a learning environment that allows the student to learn and progress at their own pace. This motivation is reflected in the interactive and supportive learning environment that Pinecrest Creek will provide. The teachers of Pinecrest Creek Academy will adapt their instructions and lessons to fit the needs of each student so that they may grow intellectually and personally throughout their years here at Pinecrest Creek Academy. Pinecrest Creek Academy is dedicated on placing importance on individual student achievement by cultivating a positive environment which leads to the raising of expectations and standards through innovative teaching methods designed to achieve success.
The focus of Pinecrest Creek Academy is to provide a stimulating program of study where academic merit, character expansion, and individual growth are refined in a safe environment that involves the active involvement of students, teachers, parents and community members. In creating an advanced program, Pinecrest Creek Academy has identified five basic concepts:
  • A learner sensitive environment that allows students to learn and progress at their individual pace.
  • Small classroom sizes to allow greater attention to students.
  • A parental involvement to ensure, where possible, that parents will actively participate in his/her child’s education.
  • An emphasis on character development encouraged through community service programs and volunteerism.
  • An emphasis on course materials that will prepare our students for future academic success.